My focus for this month is going to be on Falafels. I am a huge Falafel fan and have decided to start my blog by tracking down the best Falafel. So on that note, I visited Bosphorous Turkish Kitchen in downtown Lakeland, FL. My mom made the recommendation based on a friend’s dining experience.

06022013-2-1Looking through the menu, I noticed two Falafel options. One an appetizer and the other an entree. I asked the waitress if the Falafels came in a pita sandwich with topping and she stated, “We don’t make sandwiches.” I also asked if they were made fresh and she replies that everything is made fresh. I then asked if the appetizer of hummus came with pita bread or chips. The response was neither. The hummus is served by itself and you make a separate order of  lavash bread. I thought it was strange to have to make 2 separate orders. I would have thought that the order of hummus would have included it. They could easily add a couple of bucks to the price and include the bread.


Hummus with olive oil and spices.


Hummus and Lavash.

Along with the hummus and lavash I ordered a Falafel appetizer. The appetizer order is simply Falafels on a plate garnished with lettuce and served with hummus. I also ordered the Falafel dinner, Chicken Kabobs, and lentil soup. The Falafel dinner is served with hummus, salad, and rice. The rice was absolutely delicious. Being Hispanic, I can tell you I know rice and this rice was legendary. Perfectly cooked, not too mushy, not to dry. The Falafels were also great, perfectly fried with a crispy outside and soft inside.


Falafel Dinner.

The Chicken Kabob was also served on rice with a side of salad. The chicken was perfectly grilled and seasoned. The dressing on the salad was a type of vinaigrette but I am not sure exactly what it is made of. It was pretty vinegary and I was not a fan of it.


Chicken Kabobs.

The lentil soup was good and spicy but I couldnt find a single  lentil in my bowl of soup. I am not sure whether the lentils were pureed or if all the lentils had just settled to the bottom of the pot and I just got the skimming off the top. None the less, the soup tasted great and had a nice peppery spice to it.


Lentil soup.

Lastly I finished off my lunch with some Baklava. It looked slightly different then the baklavas I’ve had in the past in that it was missing that flaky crispy top, it was more like a baklava cake. Other then that it was delicious and sweet.



Overall the food is excellent. The restaurant decor does look like someone’s Turkish grandmother decorated the place with large murals painted along the walls and clear plastic  table covers your arms stick to. I highly recommend this place for its good food and fair pricing. If you are in Lakeland and want to try good food and something outside of Chilis or Olive Garden, check out Bosphorous Turkish Kitchen.

Bosphorous Turkish Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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